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Don’t relegate yourself to wearing subpar garments with an inferior fit and poor quality design. Our unique fitting process allows us to create tailor-fitted and custom-designed apparel for our clientele. There’s no reason to sacrifice style for functionality, or vice versa. Every piece we create will allow you to present yourself in a credible, confident manner, while performing in the way that only a custom-made piece of apparel could. Our process begins before we open the fabric book or take a single measurement. Clothing is an expression of who you are as an individual, which is why we take the time to understand you on a personal level. This means listening to your personal and professional goals—examining who you are and what you do so we can better comprehend what role this piece of clothing will play in your life.

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Here you can browse the unique styles and designs we have created for others who were seeking a design of their own. We have worked with many high-profile and prolific individuals who value quality above all else, and for good reason. We strive to provide each of our clients with an individualized creation. This is achieved by developing a greater understanding of what their needs are, beyond surface-level questions like “What’s your favorite color?” or “What fabric do you prefer?” We consider your current wardrobe, where the outfit will be worn, skin tone, hair color, build, and how you want to present yourself to others. Our job is to not only provide our clients with functional and appealing clothing, but to create a piece that allows them to express themselves so others can see them in the way they want to be seen and remembered.

If you can dream it we can make it!

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"Rickey, you knocked it out of the ballpark. Everyone at the Kentucky Derby told us we were the best-dressed guys there! Thanks."

Rocky Patel

CEO, Patel Cigar's

“You are a master!!! “

David Zervos

Received my suit today and wanted to thank you so much for making the best outfit I have ever had. Warm regards “

Hank Thurston

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The Process

Step one

The first step in our design process is connecting with you, getting a feel for your personality and discussing your personal needs to develop a direction for your overall design preferences.

Step two

The design process can truly get underway. At this stage, measurements are taken or sample garments provided by the client can be copied for measurements to create your individualized custom paper pattern. This is also when we select the fabrics and materials to use in the creation of the piece as well as all your design preferences such as lapel style, cuff style, vent style, etc. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure a comfortable fit and a timeless look.

Step Three

Once your garments have been created, we either meet with you once more for a second fitting or you are able to send full-body photos of the garments we ship you from the front, side, and back. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We will do everything and anything necessary to deliver an experience that satisfies your needs. Any adjustments needed will be pushed through an expedited process and we will update your patterns for future orders. It is customary for the first order that the items may require some tweaks as part of the pattern-making process.

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