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élevée by rickey

élevée by Rickey is an individualized approach to design that you won’t find anywhere else. Discover a new style that will showcase your individuality and allow the world to see the confidence within you. Every design we create is custom made for the individual. Our professional fitting services ensure a sleek fit that accentuates your body’s natural shape and allows you to experience true comfort and style with every step you take.

Look Book

Peruse a variety of one-of-a-kind apparel that we have designed around our clients’ unique styles and personalities. Every ensemble is original and designed for the person. In our Look Book, you will witness flourishing individuality as our clientele proudly showcase our designs.

Golf Slacks That  Feel Great

Experience the comfort of custom-made golf slacks that complement your active lifestyle. Functional and stylish, our golf slacks are guaranteed to provide ultimate comfort and appeal.

Professional Fitting

Uniquely made and tailored specifically for you, our professional fitting services ensure a flawless fit. Discover a personalized style that fits you and you alone. We employ a made-to-order design process for every garment we create. No bulk sales, no one-size-fits-all approach. Whatever you are envisioning will be tailor made specifically for you. Our process involves meeting with you personally to understand your desire, taking your precise measurements, and finalizing each piece with a second fitting that ensures form and function are merged into a stylish and sophisticated final piece.

"Rickey, you knocked it out of the ballpark. Everyone at the Kentucky Derby told us we were the best-dressed guys there! Thanks."

Rocky Patel

CEO, Patel Cigar's

“You are a master!!! “

David Zervos

Received my suit today and wanted to thank you so much for making the best outfit I have ever had. Warm regards “

Hank Thurston

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The Process

Step one

The first step in our design process is connecting with you, getting a feel for your personality and discussing your personal needs to develop a direction for your overall design preferences.

Step two

The design process can truly get underway. At this stage, measurements are taken or sample garments provided by the client can be copied for measurements to create your individualized custom paper pattern. This is also when we select the fabrics and materials to use in the creation of the piece as well as all your design preferences such as lapel style, cuff style, vent style, etc. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure a comfortable fit and a timeless look.

Step Three

Once your garments have been created, we either meet with you once more for a second fitting or you are able to send full-body photos of the garments we ship you from the front, side, and back. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We will do everything and anything necessary to deliver an experience that satisfies your needs. Any adjustments needed will be pushed through an expedited process and we will update your patterns for future orders. It is customary for the first order that the items may require some tweaks as part of the pattern-making process.

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